5 Rappers Who Have Invested Heavily in Crypto

Bitcoin technology continues to advance its presence in various industries as time goes by. From technology to real estate, cryptocurrency has become one of the key discussion topics almost everywhere you go. But there are a lot more developments around technology. For example, many entertainment industry giants have increasingly shown their interest in crypto.

Today, several music artists have already earned a lot from cryptocurrency investments. Some have indirectly endorsed the technology by accepting Bitcoins as payment for their released albums. 50 Cent, a renowned American rapper, received cryptocurrency payments for one of his albums some years back.

Akon, an African-American singer, is also building his city (Akon City) in Senegal. The US-based singer has also invested heavily in building his cryptocurrency, the Akoin. On completion, the crypto will become the new city’s primary transaction means. The following are five rappers who have invested significantly in the cryptocurrency business.


Jay-Z (Officially Shawn Korey Carter) is a prominent rapper in the United States. Born in October 1969 in New York City, Jay-z has made notable strides in the music industry. He has released numerous albums with incredible international recognition. Besides rapping, Jay-z is an excellent songwriter and a record executive. He’s been in the entertainment industry since 1986.

Shawn Korey is also a renowned businessman. He started organizations like the Rocawear 40/40 Club and the Roc Nation. Other industries Jay-z has done a tremendous job include real estate, sports, and clothing lines. But there’s another unique sector on Shawn’s list.

Jay-z is one of the rapping artists who have invested a lot of resources in cryptocurrency today. For example, Jay-z and Twitter CEO pumped about $23 million worth of Bitcoin into the Indian and African Markets in 2021. They wanted to enlighten people about cryptocurrency and speed up its adoption. 

Nipsey Hussle

Officially, Airmiess Joseph Asghedom, Nipsey Hussle was also a successful American rapper. Born in Los Angeles, California, in August 1985, Nipsey achieved several milestones as a musician before he died in March 2019. He enjoyed more than ten years of active service in the music sector, entertaining various audiences with his charming rapping skills.

When not in music studios, Nipsey Hussle took part in business activities. For example, he taught people about the basics of cryptocurrency. Nipsey also encouraged various followers to invest in crypto on platforms similar to bitcoin system. Despite discovering Bitcoin years after its launch, Nipsey Hussle performed so well in the cryptocurrency business. He co-owned Follow Coin, a platform that shared investment information in real-time.

Soulja Boy

Like Jay-z and Nipsey, Soulja Boy is one of the most successful American rappers who invested heavily in cryptocurrency. Soulja was born in the City of Chicago in July 1990. Apart from rapping, this prominent artist writes songs and produces music.

Soulja joined the entertainment industry in 2004 and is still active almost 20 years later. Reports show Soulja Boy has always invested several dollars in cryptocurrency. He has earned a fortune from the sector and even celebrated the success of one of his songs.


C.KHiD is a renowned American YouTuber and rapping artist. Besides, he produces music and has been active in the entertainment industry since 2002. C.KHiD has always shown tremendous interest in cryptocurrency and related Tokens. He has participated in cryptocurrency projects like the SafeTitan, among others. C.KHiD prefers purchasing crypto coins at early project stages and then selling them later to earn a profit.


Darryl Dwayne Cranberry Jr. (DDG) is an exceptionally talented rapper in the US. He was born in October 1997 in Michigan and has made remarkable achievements as a YouTuber and a singer. Dwayne has been an active musician for at least six years and has invested approximately 20k US dollars in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). With a total of about 80k US dollars in investments, DDD is one of the iconic players in the Cryptocurrency sector.

Bottom Line Many artists and other celebrities continue to flock to various cryptocurrency investments. Some take part indirectly through the marketing of coins, while others pump in several dollars hoping for the best outcomes. The rappers who have invested a lot of money in cryptocurrency include Jay-z, DDD, Nipsey Hussle, C.KHiD, and Soulja Boy.