Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants His Tequila Brand Lobos 1707 To Dominate

Terminator actor and former California governor Schwarzenegger is an investor in Lobos 1707 Tequila and mezcal, along with American basketball star Lebron James. Speaking to The Spirits Business, Schwarzenegger said: “I’m wholeheartedly supportive and believe limitlessly in the brand and the team behind it. I want to see Lobos 1707 win and become the Tequila and mezcal of choice with consumers. “I’m excited to do whatever I can to support that endeavour and ensure that happens. We have a saying in German, ‘wenn schon, den schon’, it basically means ‘if you do something, do it. Go all out.’”

Schwarzenegger added: “As an investor, I look for unique and innovative opportunities with best-in-class teams who are positioned to win in the marketplace. Not only does the product need to be good enough to dominate the market, but the company must also stand for something bigger.

“With Lobos 1707, I found all of those things. I was immediately sold on the quality and taste of the Tequila. The founder, Diego Osorio’s journey reminded me of my own, and the company philosophy of inclusivity and ‘building a bigger table’ was aligned with my own principals.

“When I’m in, I’m all in. This was a product, team and company I could completely get behind.”

Schwarzenegger stressed the importance of honoring the people behind the brand.

“The Tequila culture is an integral part of Mexican culture, something I learned quickly while filming so many movies, including Total Recall and Predator in Mexico,” Schwarzenegger added. “I love the people and I love the culture and art of Mexico.

“One of the things I love the most about Lobos 1707 is the importance they place on honouring every single person who touches the product in its life cycle; from the real jimadors to the distillers, to the bottlers and labellers in Mexico, and everyone else in between.

“Lobos 1707 is committed to telling the story of the authentic Tequila culture and always keeping that as the heart and soul of everything they do, from their marketing material, production, liquid education and even their packaging, which aside from the cork, is made entirely in Mexico.”

On a Zoom conference last week, Schwarzenegger said Lobos 1707 Tequila is aiming to sell more than 100,000 cases by next year.