Blake Lively Launches Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Mixer Betty Buzz

Blake Lively, Founder of Betty Buzz / Photo Credit: Guy Aroch

Blake Lively is entering the beverage space with the launch of a low-calorie mixer that claims to use only clean ingredients. Dubbed Betty Buzz after Lively’s grandmother and aunt, the actress said she decided to whip up the non-alcoholic spirit after assessing the lay of the land and realizing that mixers should have their place in the social drinking world.

Lively joked on her Instagram Story about the time she has spent working on her super top-secret project.

“I’m mortified that I’ve spent the three years obsessing over the exact bubble size and quantity, tightly explosive pops,” she wrote. “The amount of time I’ve spent on Betty Buzz is shockingly bad bandwidth management,” she added.

Last year, Lively’s husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, sold his spirit company, Aviation American Gin, to spirits behemoth Diageo for an estimated $610 million. This may have prompted Lively to re-engage her efforts to launch her brand.