Dallas Mavericks Star Luka Doncic Invests In Sports Drink Company BioSteel

National Basketball Association star Luka Doncic has taken an equity stake in sports nutrition maker BioSteel. BioSteel was founded in 2009 and specialized in sports nutrition products, including drinks and protein powders. The company added National Football League stars Patrick Mahomes and DeAndre Hopkins to its equity roster in 2020.

Doncic said he became a fan of BioSteel products when the company became a corporate sponsor for the Mavs in October. This is Doncic’s first equity deal and his second endorsement. In 2019, he signed an endorsement deal with Michael Jordan’s Nike-run apparel brand.

“I’m still young,” Doncic told CNBC when asked about his business objectives away from basketball. “I’m still trying to learn a lot of things. This is a big step for me signing with BioSteel.”