How Keanu Reeves motorcycle company got started

Keanu Reeves and motorcycle builder Gard Hollinger founded Arch Motorcycle in 2011 as partners. The story goes, back in 2007 Keanu asked Gard if he could make a sissy bar for his Harley Davidson and Gard declined. But eventually he did agree to build a custom bike, which ended taking about four and a half years. Keanu said, “Once that bike was built and we rode it, we saw it was really exceptional! And, at that point, I thought this bike should be in the world. So, I asked Gard if he wanted to start a motorcycle company”.

The company launched its first model in 2014 called the KRGT-1. The California-based Arch specializes in custom bikes and the company offers three models at this time. Described as sporty and aggressive with a chopper-like design, the motorcycles are built for cruising.  The bike does not come cheap and pricing starts at $85,000. In addition customers can purchase a new customized bike and a two-day ride experience with Reeves and Hollinger—for $150,000.