Jessica Alba Battled Skeptics To Build Her Business Empire

Jessica Alba built her wildly successful Honest Company from the ground up — but not everyone had confidence that the actress and businesswoman could achieve her dream.

“I love facts and data, so whenever there’s a naysayer with a laundry list of why everything shouldn’t happen, I love asking questions. ‘Oh really? Why couldn’t this work?’ And then you collect all the data that you need to come in and hit them over the head with it,” says Alba, 40. “It’s also the way you deliver it. Because if you deliver it with a smile, it’s just facts.”

The Honest Company sells a variety of sustainable products ranging from beauty to baby products to household cleaning items. It currently has an initiative with Baby2Baby to support families in need during the back to school season. For every sanitizing product purchased, Honest is donating a hand sanitizer to an underserved child through Baby2Baby. The brand also announced a new sustainable packaging initiative for Honest Beauty featuring 100 percent recyclable cartons using 100 percent tree-free paper made from upcycled sugarcane by-product. Furthermore, Honest is launching the Daily Defense Collection — a new line of skincare products designed to defend skin against environmental aggressors.

As for the advice she would give to those wanting to take a big chance like her, “I didn’t feel like I had anything to lose,” says Alba. “No one believed I could do it in the first place,” she continues. “If you’re doing something that you haven’t done, or has never been done before, what do you really have to lose?”