NBA Superstar Kevin Durant and his investment arm Thirty Five Ventures have invested in New York’s premier esports organisation, Andbox. Durant, who is an avid player of both Call of Duty and NBA 2K, will look to raid brand awareness, create content with Andbox and create custom merchandise as an investor and creative partner.

“The passion that New York sports fans have has really hit home with me,” said Kevin Durant, two-time champion and president of Thirty Five Ventures. “Andbox is bringing that same energy to esports here, and that’s something Thirty Five Ventures is very excited to be a part of.”

With Durant joining Andbox, he will star in co-created content such as playing alongside some of the best pro players in the world, including the New York Subliners CDL team.

To promote the partnership, Durant will begin to wear Andbox apparent and feature in co-created content. The two will also have regular meetings, working on marketing, community and apparel. Such a big investment will no doubt bring more eyes to Andbox and esports as a whole, as the line between esports and regular sports continues to blur.