Leonardo DiCaprio Invests In Struck Capital To Fuel LA’s Tech Drive

Leonardo DiCaprio wants LA to be the next tech hub, and he is making bold moves to make it happen. The Oscar-winning actor recently joined Struck Capital as a limited partner to fuel this dream. He injected a significant sum into the fund and, more importantly, brought his star power into the conversation. The partnership has proven the value of focusing on the future and not just one industry. Though DiCpario is one of the biggest proponents for Green Energy and money is starting to flow there from VC’s especially following Bidens IRA that is focusing on a clean energy future.

Struck Capital founder Adam Struck is betting on Los Angeles and its capacity to revolutionize business. The company may be small compared to other investment funds, but it has a big goal pushing it forward. Struck and his partners don’t just want to move mountains. They want to save the world through sustainability, technological innovation, and financial inclusion. These first principles guide every deal they make.

DiCaprio appreciates the mandate as it resonates with his vision. In a statement, he reiterates that his hometown of LA has an unparalleled “creative and innovative spirit.” He has seen and experienced this first-hand. Born and raised in the City of Angels, DiCaprio came from a humble background and rose to become one of the most recognizable faces in the world. This Angelino is excited to give back and invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs.

While this news may surprise some people, industry observers know DiCaprio is no stranger to the venture capital scene. The Hollywood A-lister is an astute investor with a diverse portfolio. His best picks include the mattress retail company Casper and the food manufacturing company Beyond Meat. Both have grown tremendously over the years and are now publicly traded. Beyond Meat surpassed expectations on the way to having one of the best-performing public offerings in 2021.

DiCaprio’s other investments are just as intriguing. Diamond Foundry is exploring ways to make crystals in laboratories. Their work effectively reduces dependence on mining. Meanwhile, Runa Tea is a company that harvests high-quality tea leaves while helping preserve rainforests. Aspiration is a financial services firm with a focus on sustainability. These reveal a consistent preference for eco-conscious startups.

DiCaprio is part of a growing group of celebrity investors keen on supporting startups. He is in good company with the likes of NBA player Carmelo Anthony, actor Ashton Kutcher, and musician “Nas” Jones. The success of Kutcher is gaining a lot of attention from his peers. As an early investor in Airbnb, Spotify, and Skype, he turned a $30 million fund into $250 million within a relatively short period.

Adam Struck only provided sparse details about the deal. They have mutual acquaintances within the small venture capital space. After hearing about his ventures, DiCaprio got interested enough to write a seven-figure check. The exact amount remains undisclosed. Perhaps the actor was drawn by the list of startups backed by Struck Capital. According to the founder, they gravitate towards those trying to make a difference.

Stuck Capital is the fourth biggest seed fund in Los Angeles, with $150 million in assets. Recent investments include Sendoso, Mythical Games, Brainbase, and ScratchPay. In the past, it also backed Latch, Grab, Mojo Vision, Nutanix, Postmates, and Wunder Mobility. One of its most notable investments is in the aquaculture startup Aquabyte. The company pairs computer vision and machine learning to boost fish farming efficiency and improve sustainability. It might have piqued the interest of DiCaprio, who is a well-known environmental activist.

Struck Capital and Leonardo DiCaprio are creating a community of young leaders in LA. They want the next generation to learn from each other as they grow their business. After all, when they achieve their dreams, they will make the world a better place.