Mark Wahlberg Acquires A Cleveland Car Dealership, renaming It Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet

Marky Mark is making a new mark in Ohio’s car scene, buying up a Chevrolet car dealership in Avon, OH near Cleveland. The former Joe Firment Chevrolet will now be known as Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet, akin to the actor’s and business owner’s other Chevrolet dealerships in Columbus and Worthington.

The Avon Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet is his and business partner Jay Feldman’s fifth automotive dealership in Ohio. Wahlberg and Feldman first teamed up on a car dealership in Columbus in 2018, and the success led to other acquisitions and a total of four shops in the Columbus and Worthington areas. They have the same kind of growth planned for Northeast Ohio. Feldman said the two found out about the dealership about six or seven months ago, and were immediately interested.

Though Feldman and Wahlberg have gravitated to opportunities in Ohio so far, they are open to other opportunities around the country. Wahlberg said he hopes to one day expand business to his hometown of Boston.

“It’s been great being in Ohio, being in the Midwest. I always stay connected to real people — I live in LA and I’m in the movie business, but I always stay connected to real people and what they’re experiencing,” Wahlberg said. “I always feel more comfortable and more at home in places like Ohio.”