Mark Wahlberg is flexing for the F45 franchise gym

Back in March of 2019, Mark Wahlberg through his The Mark Wahlberg Investment Group and FOD Capital purchased a minority stake in F45 Training, El Segundo, California. F45, founded in Australia in 2012, has more than 1,500 HIIT-centric studios across 40 countries. The “F” is for function training and the classes are all 45 minutes long, with full-body exercises like squatting, jumping, pushing and kicking. According to Bloomberg, the investment estimated to be $450 million, was intended to accelerate F45’s global expansion strategy and based on Mark’s enthusiasm for the the brand and workout concept, expect a F45 gym to be coming to a location near you. Wahlberg regularly posts from F45 on social media and has introduced it to celebrities including Mario Lopez, as well as basketball stars Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler, former National Football League player Calvin Johnson and the National Hockey League’s Max Domi.

The actor known for his insane 3am workouts is an avid investor in the health and nutrition space. Other Mark Wahlberg investments include

  • Performance Inspired Nutrition (Wahlberg’s own line of fitness supplements)
  • Aquahydrate (water with added electrolytes, in which Wahlberg is an investor and board member)

Earlier this year before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted US markets and economy, the company, according to Bloomberg, had filed confidentially for a U.S. IPO with Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan as lead underwriters. Obviously that offering is on hold indefinitely.