Michael Jordan’s new tequila will set you back $1,600 a bottle.

Michael Jordan is the world’s highest paid athlete of all-time with a net worth of $1.9bn, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing business interests. In 2019, Jordan stepped into the lucrative world of alcohol as part owner of Cincoro Tequila. It is claimed tequila is Jordan’s drink of choice and given the opportunity to have a hand in the growth of Cincoro as the brand for ultra-rich celebrities, the NBA great couldn’t ignore the chance.

The celebrity Tequila Wars are a real thing with ultra-luxury brands made for individuals that are well off. Both George Clooney and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have launched competing tequila brands with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Mamoa having their own beverage brands. According to Forbes, you better have plenty of cash squared away to drink Jordan’s Cincoro brand. The basketball legend’s favorite Cincoro spirit, Cincoro Extra Anjeo retails for $1,600 a bottle. The brand is one of the most expensive on the market today.

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