Peyton Manning Set to Build on His $250M Net Worth With Massive Investment in Kitchen United

2x Super Bowl winner Peyton Manning may have retired almost 8 years ago, but his life is as busy as ever. What’s more, the Hall of Famer is still continually increasing his net worth every day, something even some active NFL players are unable to do. Manning has always been dipping his toes into new ventures. This is probably why he embarked on supporting this new project that came across him not so long ago.

A ghost kitchen by the name of ‘Kitchen United’ is the latest subject of Manning’s interest. Kitchen United is a ghost kitchen concept that provides fully equipped, professional kitchen spaces to restaurants with the sole purpose of making delivery-only meals. While the restaurant provides the food, the company will engage in providing state-of-the-art automation and ordering software that the kitchens can make use of.

How much funding has Peyton Manning secured for this ghost kitchen till now?
Kitchen United recently wrapped up its Series C financing, and the numbers tell a positive story. A company that started its funding run with $10 million in funding from Google Ventures, now has raised a total of about $175 million. “This Series C financing further solidifies Kitchen United’s leadership position in the industry,” CEO Michael Montagano said, in a statement.

Montagno calls this venture a unique blend of technology, food, and real estate, claiming that their firm deals in revolutionizing centrally located distribution hubs. Kitchen United currently has over 200 operational kitchens in 20 different regions and has been growing in triple digits for the last 3 years. The company is now looking forward to expanding its operations in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Texas.

Peyton Manning’s Net worth may get a boost with Kitchen United’s success
Kitchen United’s growth is most certainly going to reward its investors and stakeholders, including Peyton Manning. The former Broncos and Colts’ signal-caller has a lot of projects in the running, and the potentially high returns from this venture could just prompt him to release even more projects. Hopefully, those projects include his brother Eli Manning too.

Peyton’s rivalry with Eli is as legendary as his exploits in the NFL. The two have made it a point to find ways to one-up the other on every occasion. No matter how trivial the thing is, if the other person does not have it, it’s a win. Their comedic nature has helped fans enjoy this rivalry as well, most recently culminating in the Pro Bowl games in 2023 when the brothers face each other as opposing coaches.

Peyton’s production company, ‘Omaha Productions’ is the focal point of almost every Peyton Manning featured show, including ‘Manningcast’. Though recently, he has also partnered with History TV for their series ‘Greatest of All Time’. Overall, Peyton is dominating in retirement, just as he did while playing on the gridiron. Fortunately for the fans, it doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon.