Richard Sherman Invests In Mental Health Startup Nurosene

NFL cornerback Richard Sherman has joined Toronto-based health tech startup Nurosene as an investor and ambassador. Sherman, a five-time Pro Bowler who is currently a free agent, will help promote Nuro, the company’s mobile app. 

The Nuro app offers activities and coaching videos in four categories to improve brain health: movement, brain, nutrition, and recovery. The app lets users monitor their progress and set reminders to complete activities throughout the day. Sherman invested in Nurosene’s IPO, which raised about $7.6 million on the Canadian Stock Exchange, according to Beta.

“I have seen how severe blows to the head have caused concussions, that in turn can lead to depression and cognitive impairment. I believe Nurosene’s approach will help us better understand how best to treat these injuries,” Sherman said in a statement.