Ryan Reynolds Fast Approaching Billionaire Status

Ryan Reynolds just picked up a nice chunk of change after T-Mobile purchased Mint Mobile from its majority owner in a deal that’s worth up to $1.35 billion.

“This is one of the reasons I want to tell the Mint Mobile story. It’s affordable and people are able to have this essential service for a cost that is utterly reasonable,” Reynolds told Mad Money’s Jim Cramer Wednesday.

Cramer complimented Reynolds, telling the “Deadpool” actor that when he sets his mind to something he goes all in. He then asked how Reynolds balances his acting career with his business ventures.

“I have an amazing team around me… I have some incredible folks around me,” Reynolds responded. “I only have so much bandwidth… so I do have to let something go. So this morning I let my family know that I’m going to be leaving. Because there are only so many hours in the day and only so much I can do.”

Ryan then let it be known that he takes advantage of Mint Mobile’s liberal work from home policy for founders and owners. That extra time at home helps him be a “present” dad for his wife, actress Blake Lively, and their four children.

Hollywood leftists (even Canadian Hollywood leftists like Reynolds) have a reputation for being anti-big business, so Cramer tried to position big business as a force for good in a question to Reynolds.

He didn’t take the bait wholesale.

“I think business can be a positive force, absolutely. I think it’s who is running the business. It comes from the top down. When you have a great leader and someone who has actual genuine empathy in their heart, miracles can happen.”