Ryan Reynolds Stars In Cybersecurity Ad For Firm He Invested In

Celebrity investor Ryan Reynolds became an international superstar in the Deadpool movies, playing the “Merc with a Mouth.” And he’s certainly not afraid to put that mouth where his money is, as he’s starring in a commercial for a password security company he partly owns, co-starring the players of Wrexham FC, the Welsh soccer team he partly owns. In the commercial, Reynolds enters the team’s locker room and attempts to lecture the players on password security. In a humorous twist, the soccer team are already use the 1Password service, and the bemused star moves on to explaining his nighttime skincare routine.

1Password is a password management platform that, per a report in TechTimes, received a valuation of $6.8 billion dollars after the latest round of funding netted the company $620 million from investors, including Reynolds and fellow celebrity moguls Robert Downey, Jr., and Justin Timberlake. It’s no wonder, then, that Reynolds would want to protect that investment by making himself the public face of the service.

Wrexham Football Club is the 157-year-old fourth-place soccer team based in the town of Wrexham, Wales, that Reynolds purchased along with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator/star Rob McElhenney in 2021. According to Goal.com, the duo plan to put their own money into the team to make it the number one team in the ultra-competitive world of professional European soccer.

Reynolds has a history of appearing in commercials for his investments, making headlines in 2019 for purchasing budget wireless carrier Cricket and then starring in commercials for the phone service. As an investment strategy, it certainly makes sense if only for the viral splash such ads make. This website, for instance, has just published an entire article advertising the actor’s entire portfolio to our audience for free.