Shaq Invests Fitness Equip Maker Maxpro

At-home fitness startup Maxpro has secured investment from basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. Maxpro is a portable cable-based system that enables users to do strength workouts with up to 300 pounds of adjustable resistance.  Instructor-led live and on-demand workout classes are offered through the Maxpro app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. Users can connect Maxpro to the app over bluetooth to track weight lifted and the number of reps completed. 

“We’ve hit so many milestones in the past year but having an accomplished investor like Shaquille O’Neal on our team highlights how far we’ve come,” Nezar Akeel, founder and CEO of MAXPRO, said in a statement. “Without a portable fitness system that I could take anywhere to workout anytime, I decided to invent my own so I could help anyone get a great workout regardless of where they are.”

At-home workouts have surged during the pandemic, with Shaq becoming the latest star athlete to invest in the space. Steph Curry and Paul George are among investors in Tonal, a strength training system similar to Maxpro, while tennis star Novak Djokovic invested in at-home climbing machine Climbr and former MLB All-Star Adrian Gonzalez invested in LIT Method.