Soulja Boy Is Eyeing Introducing A Cryptocurrency Souljacoin

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum skyrocket in value and fill online social media conversations, Soulja Boy is looking to get involved. The rapper put out a call last week hoping to get some assistance and attention in launching his own cryptocurrency called Souljacoin later this year.

“Who can help me make SouljaCoin a real thing without getting into any legal trouble with SEC etc.. like real and legit I think this could be big Idk,” Big Draco wrote in a call-to-action on Twitter. “Contact me, thanks.”

Soulja solicited a few responses from athletes interested in hearing his proposition including Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliot and Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie, who already forayed into the crypto world by turning his contract into an investment vehicle.

Rapper T.I.

In any plans, it’s recommended he definitely hire a lawyer who has experience in the financial field before launching his own cryptocurrency. The recent troubles of fellow rapper T.I. in this space would warrant it. In September 2020, T.I. was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with promoting a fraudulent cryptocurrency offering. He subsequently agreed to pay the U.S. regulator $75,000 to settle charges that he broke securities laws by selling fraudulent crypto-currency investments,