Woody Harrelson And Owen Wilson Invest In Plant-based Meat Company

Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson have teamed up on a project that has nothing to do with movies. The iconic Hollywood duo teamed up to add their names to a Series A round of funding by plant-based meat company Abbot’s Butcher. Wilson and Harrelson (along with his wife Laura) have joined the latest investment round led by Melitas Ventures. Founded by vegan activist Kerry Song, Abbot’s Butcher has developed a wide selection of plant-based meat alternatives, in an increasingly competitive market.

Abbot’s Butcher’s new funding will allow the company to expand its distribution and further develop its product selection that already showcases vegan meat alternatives for chicken, chorizo, beef, and more. The company has yet to disclose the total investment amount. Abbot’s Butcher also announced that it intends to enter the foodservice sector alongside its broader retail distribution.

Abbot’s Butcher offers several plant-based meat alternatives that contain protein- and nutrient-rich ingredients. The company uses a blend of pea protein, herbs, spices, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, and vinegar to create its dynamically flavored vegan meat products. Before the investment package, the brand’s plant-based meat debuted at 21 locations of the restaurant chain Tender Greens. The company is now available at more than 800 retail and foodservice locations with plans to grow.